Address of the General Director
Dmitry Golubovsky
Chief Executive Officer

Lengiprotrans is not just a complex design of transport infrastructure facilities. The collective of Lengiprotrans took part in the creation of many steel highways. All the railways leaving St. Petersburg are the objects of the Institute. We understand the value of our work and are responsible for the design of each kilometer.

Golubovsky Dmitry Viktorovich

Chief Executive Officer

Kardanov Roman Vyacheslavovich

First Deputy Director General

Timoshin Alexey Evgenievich

Chief Engineer

Sedov Andrey Nikolaevich

Deputy General Director for Оperations

Konyukhov Alexey Petrovich

Deputy Director General

Zotov Denis Yurevich

Deputy General Director for Economics, Finance and Administration

Poryadina Albina Petrovna

Chief Accountant

Zhukov Nikolai Grigorievich

Director of Security Affairs

Uniyat Maria Anatolyevna

Director of Human Resources