Geological site surveys

The goal is to find out what the geological conditions of the project site are. The list of operations:

  • preliminary site investigations of the survey area;
  • drilling operations;
  • field tests: static and dynamic sounding; measuring the bulk density of soil in-situ,torsion shear testing of soil, well logging, plate load tests;
  • sampling, field and stationary lab work.


The drilling sector of JSC Lengiprotrans has its own drilling and auxiliary equipment and performs various works such as:

  • core drilling with the sampling of disturbed / undisturbed soil;
  • cable tool drilling;
  • auger drilling with soil sampling;
  • drilling of water wells;
  • drilling of wells for various purposes in inaccessible locations using self-propelling drills and mobile drilling machines.


The works are performed using advanced technologies and methods. With its operations support facilities with metalworking machines, Lengiprotrans can repair and upgrade the drilling equipment rapidly, and produce the necessary drilling tools in small batches.

The drilling fleet includes:

  • УРБ-2А-2 wheeled drilling units;
  • ГБУ-5М wheeled multi-purpose mobile drilling units;
  • ПБУ-2 wheeled and tracked drilling units;
  • GM-75 GT self-propelling drilling units with electronic modules for static and dynamic penetration tests;
  • БУКС-ЛГТ cable tool drilling machines;
  • УБШМ-1-13 small drilling units based on snow and swamp-going vehicles ARGO and Yelisei;
  • УКБ 12/25 well drilling mini-units;
  • Stihl BT-130 and BT-360 mobile augers.