Heat supply systems

JSC Lengiprotrans performs a set of design works for heat networks, individual thermal plants, and internal pipelines for heat supply of process consumers.

To this end, specialists use the latest equipment and modern materials to increase the service life of heating networks, reduce the time of installation and construction work, and achieve significant energy savings through the use of automated systems for controlling costs and coolant temperature depending on the outdoor temperature.

The use of closed, independent heat supply schemes for buildings improves the quality and reliability of heat supply to consumers of thermal energy. When designing heat networks, the most optimal laying methods are used.

Recently, flexible heat-insulated pipes have been used for underground heating mains, which make it possible to extend the service life of heating networks from 25 to 50 years. They do not need to lay accompanying drainage in wet soils, arrange electrochemical protection of underground pipelines, install fixed supports and compensation devices.

For the strength calculations of pipelines of heat networks and loads on supporting building structures, specialists use the latest computer programs. The high level of qualification of specialists allows you to perform a comprehensive solution to the problems of designing heat networks and individual heat points of buildings.

Recently, Lengiprotrans specialists performed several large significant facilities for St. Petersburg. These include a project of increased complexity for the removal of heat networks from under the patch of building overpass at the intersection of Pulkovsky Highway with Dunaysky Avenue. Engineers of the institute were directly involved in the release of working documentation for the construction of the second stage of the Frunzensky radius from the Mezhdunarodnaya metro station to the Yuzhnaya, Shushary stations, the Yuzhnoye electro depot and the design of facilities at the Luzhskaya-Sorting and Babayevo stations, the Metallostroy depot and many others.

Individual heat point in the building of the administrative and household building of the Luzhskaya-Sorting station

On-site water, sewer and heat networks at the Obskaya-Bovanenkovo ​​station