Development Strategy

The basis for sustainable development of JSC Lengiprotrans is the "Strategy for the development of rail transport in the Russian Federation until 2030", which provides for an innovative technical and technological breakthrough in the field of railway transport.

At the moment, JSC Lengiprotrans is actively working to create a strategy for sustainable development of the company.

Based on the work done, it is possible to single out the strategic intentions of JSC Lengiprotrans:

  1. Preservation of the market for design and survey services for JSCo «Russian Railways».
  2. Increase in the volume of work in the segment of commercial construction of the railway infrastructure.
  3. Conquering the leading position in the field of technology in the industry.

Particular attention of JSC Lengiprotrans is directed to international projects of railway infrastructure development, both in the countries of the near and far abroad.

Realization of intentions is provided by:

  1. Establishment of strategic strategic development parameters for each business direction.
  2. Developing strategic initiatives aimed at achieving targets.
  3. Developments and applications of corporate regulations, standards, programs aimed at implementing the Strategy.
  4. Conducting effective financial, investment and credit policies in accordance with the strategic plan. goals and tasks.
  5. Improvement of the personnel policy.