Design for construction and reconstruction of railway lines, extra main tracks, and highways

Main specialization — a complete range of design and survey services for railways and highways in what regards construction of new railway lines, second tracks, reconstruction of existing infrastructure, electrification of railways, construction and reconstruction of highways in the Russian Federation and overseas.

Technical project managers organize and provide for development of comprehensive documentation.

Engineers of Lengiprotrans develop designs for tracks of railway links (in complicated cases such as express and high-speed railways — the engineers design the horizontal and vertical alignment of the main tracks, the roadbed of the engineering protection structures at interstations), highways, recultivation of pits, and individual designs for the roadbeds for railways and highways.

Cost estimates documentation is developed at all design phases; the documentation is submitted to departmental and state project examination authorities; field supervision of the construction is provided till the commissioning of the projects; technical monitoring of projects is provided during the course of the construction and operation thereof. In some cases, special technical specifications are developed.

Specialists of Lengiprotrans have unique experience with projects connected with development of high-speed railway system.

Permanent way structures are chosen to suit the particular features of the geographic location of the project. Lengiprotrans designs roadbed structures for areas with complicated geological, hydrological, hydrogeological and weather conditions such as:  

  • weak base (including bogs);
  • permafrost;
  • high seismicity;
  • etc.

Implementation of the high-speed passenger line Saint Petersburg — Buslovskaya on the Oktyabrskaya Railway. Design work for most difficult geological conditions – weak clayey and peat soils of the base

A railway line in a permafrost zone

The design solutions for every project are adopted on the basis of a technico-economic comparison of various corridor location options. Lengiprotrans has developed and applied various experimental design solutions for protective sub-ballast layers on a section of a ballastless track. Jointly with international partners, Lengiprotrans has developed designs for ballastless permanent way and transitions from a ballast based to a ballastless permanent way, which are an absolute novelty for Russia.

Retrofitting a railway track with implementation of a ballastless track on the Sablino — Tosno section of the Oktyabrskaya Railway
The design services in respect of highways and railway tracks include:

  • measuring and investigations of existing railway lines and highways for reconstruction and design of a second main track;
  • designing horizontal and vertical profiles of the corridor;
  • designing transverse profiles of highways;
  • standard and customized roadbed designs;
  • design of permanent way including ballastless structures, and road pavements;
  • design of drainage structures;
  • design of reinforced ground retaining walls and structures;
  • engineering protection of areas and structures from geological processes (operations preventing caving, landslides, icing, karstification, etc.).

Comprehensive reconstruction of the Mga — Gatchina — Veimarn — Ivangorod section and the railway approaches to the ports on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. Construction of an overpass to replace the level crossing at Gatchina railway station

The plan, the longitudinal and the transverse profiles are designed using a digital terrain model, which allows a significant number of corridor options to be examined within a short period of time.

The achievements of the recent years include design services for important projects such as:

  • construction of the Moscow — Kazan section of the high-speed railway Moscow — Kazan — Yekaterinburg (HSR 2);
  • Luga railway hub;
  • Novorossijsk transport hub;
  • flying junction Pulkovskoye Highway — Dunaiskiy Prospect in Saint Petersburg;
  • railway infrastructure for the investment project: "Implementation of the dry cargo zone of the Taman Seaport";
  • infrastructure involved in the reconstruction of section: Kotelnikovo — Tikhoretskaya — Korenovsk — Timashevskaya — Krymskaya with a by-pass of the Krasnodar Hub of the North Caucasus Railway;
  • infrastructure projects on the Baikal - Amur Mainline and the Trans-Siberian Railway;
  • branches Savelovo — Sonkovo — Mga of the Oktyabrskaya Railway, the Northern Latitudinal Railway, Volkhovstroi — Murmansk;
  • reconstruction of the Saint Petersburg — Moscow Railway for Sapsan high-speed passenger trains (speed: up to 250 km/h);
  • reconstruction of the Saint Petersburg — Buslovskaya Railway line with relocation of cargo services;
  • construction of a second main track in Latvia;
  • construction of a new high-speed railway line in Libya.

Flying junction Pulkovskoye Highway — Dunaiskiy Prospect in Saint Petersburg

Reconstruction of the Saint Petersburg — Moscow Railway line for Sapsan high-speed passenger trains

Reconstruction of the Saint Petersburg — Buslovskaya railway line with relocation of cargo services

Lengiprotrans uses over 40 certified software products developed by Russian and foreign companies for particular calculation tasks. The company is using processes for transfer and collection of data in universal data exchange formats.