Retaining walls

Lengiprotrans has accumulated significant experience in the design of structures such as:

  • retaining walls on natural and artificial bases, built to support slopes of embankments (bottom walls) and cuts (top walls) of railways and highways;
  • special purpose retaining walls: anti-landslide and anti-collapse walls, seawalls, headwalls;
  • walls built in permafrost areas and locations with the seismicity reaching Richter magnitude 9.

Depending on the particular environment, one can build gravity (massive) bulkheads or light revetment or angle type walls, with or without buttresses. Gravity bulkheads can be built with concrete (rubble concrete), natural stone with cement grout, reinforced concrete (monolith, precast, combined).

Construction of concrete gravity bulkheads

Construction of gravity bulkheads over the tracks of the Oktyabrskaya Railway, in Aleksandrovskoi Fermy Prospect