Power supply for non-traction consumers

Specialists of Lengiprotrans produce design and detailed design documentation for projects and operations such as:

  • outdoor lighting for highways, overpasses, crossings, outdoor areas of industrial facilities and railway stations, including illumination calculations;
  • 10/0.4 kV overhead and cable power lines;
  • cable line transitions over railways, highways, etc. implemented by horizontal directional drilling;
  • rearrangement of 10-35 kV overhead power line transitions;
  • electrical heating of track switches of railway stations;
  • remote control of breakers of overhead catenary and aerial power lines;
  • closed transformer substation and distribution points with the voltage of 10/0.4 kV;
  • 10/0.4 kV and 35/0.4 kV packaged transformer substations;
  • automated power metering systems;
  • interior lighting of public, technical and industrial buildings;
  • electricity supply equipment of public, technical and industrial buildings;
  • lighting protection, earthing and equipotential bonding systems of buildings and structures.


In addition to the designing of railway infrastructure, Lengiprotrans specialists also take part in designing power supply systems for urban projects.