Construction management plans, demolition (dismantling) management plans

For effective management of the construction, specialists of Lengiprotrans develop management plans for:

  • demolition (dismantling) operations, and construction;
  • operations on linear and spatial construction sites including railway, highway, industrial and civil purpose projects.


In a construction management project, specialists take into account the general requirements for construction operations: reduction of costs and completion periods, improvement of the quality of the construction, and continuous productivity growth.

A construction management project includes:

  • optimal transport plan for delivery of materials and removal of waste;
  • construction time plan;
  • construction time schedule;
  • construction master-plans for the preparation period and the main period of the construction;
  • layout plan for construction;
  • management and process diagrams;
  • bill of quantities for main construction, installation and special construction operations;
  • requirement statement on structures, materials and equipment for the construction;
  • requirement schedule for basic construction machines and vehicles for the construction;
  • requirements as to the number of staff of each key category;
  • explanatory note.


Other material can be included in the plan in conformity to the terms of reference for the design.