Hydrogeological site surveys

Hydrogeological and environmental hydrogeological site surveys are conducted as part of geological and environmental site surveys.


  • prospecting subsurface water sources;
  • making maps and building mathematical models of the subsurface hydrosphere.


Subjects of interest:

  • filtration parameters of soil; 
  • chemical composition of subsurface water;
  • connection of subsurface to surface water;
  • subsurface water dynamics;
  • hydrodynamic conditions of the area.


The aspects that are subject to evaluation and forecasting are:

  • hydrogeological and environmental conditions relevant to construction;
  • flooding of workings during the course of construction;
  • possible changes in the hydrogeological and geomechanical conditions during the course of construction and operation of projects;
  • probability of filtration deformation of rock during the course of operation of projects;
  • engineering and environmental protection during the course of operation of projects;
  • subsurface water reserves available for water supply;
  • the impact of subsurface water on the hydrological situation (ground flooding or exhaustion of aquifers);
  • environmental impact of the project being designed on subsurface and surface water.


Services provided by Lengiprotrans:

  • analysis of archive materials, geological, hydrogeological and hydrochemical data;
  • analysis of results obtained on hydrometeorological, geodetic, geophysical, geological engineering data, and rock conditions and environment;
  • obtaining a subsoil license;
  • development geological investigation plans for subsurface areas, and obtaining examination approvals for such plans;
  • decoding of GPS survey materials;
  • sanitary and hydrogeological survey of an area;
  • groundwater inflow testing and sampling of subsurface and surface water;
  • monitoring investigations;
  • mathematical modeling of geo-filtration processes;
  • calculation of subsurface water storage.


Lab analysis work and instrumental gauging at the accredited laboratories of the company: the physical impact factor investigation lab and the soil chemistry lab.