Occupational Safety and Health

JSC Lengiprotrans considers the health and safety of its employees as one of the long-term priorities.

Our main occupational safety objectives are:

  • providing safe working environment;
  • protection of life and health;
  • mitigation of potential risks associated with the company's production activities;
  • compliance with the applicable occupational safety requirements on JSC Lengiprotrans facilities;
  • improvement of the management system in what regards occupational safety;
  • development of the work safety culture and employees' responsible attitude to their health.


Special assessment of working environment

Federal Law of 28.12.2013 No. 426-Federal Law "On special assessment of working environment" became effective on January 1, 2014. According to the law, employers are to perform the special assessment of working environment (SAWE) which is to replace the workplace conditions assessment.

The implementation tool for Federal Law No. 426- Federal Law is the SAWE methodology (the Classifier of Hazardous and (or) Harmful Workplace Factors; the SAWE Report Form, and the Report Form Completion Guidelines) approved by Directive No. 33н of the Labor Ministry of the Russian Federation dated 24.01.2014.

The summary of the SAWE results are to be published on the official web-site of JSC Lengiprotrans within 30 calendar days following the approval of the SAWE Report. SAWE determines classes (sub-classes) of working environment at workplaces, and the list of activities aimed to improve the working conditions and occupational safety at workplaces that underwent SAWE.