Site layout and right-of-way plans

Lengiprotrans offers a complete range of services for preparation of construction:

  • development of design and detailed design (working) documentation;
  • obtaining initial permits, and approvals from project examination authorities and other relevant organizations;
  • field supervision of the construction of projects on the basis of the documentation developed.


Specialists of Lengiprotrans have accumulated significant experience and a process solutions base for comprehensive tasks in the area of construction preparation.

The company has a special area of expertise responsible for development of:

  • design documentation sections: "Site layout plan" and "Right-of-way plan" for railway stations, industrial facilities, and metro engine houses;
  • detailed design (working) documentation coded:
    • MP (master-plan): staking plans, site grading plan, landscaping plan, consolidated utilities plan;
    • RD (highways): plan and longitudinal and transverse profiles of the roadbeds of site and approach roads;
    • RWT (railway tracks): plan and longitudinal and transverse profiles of approach and connection tracks.


Lengiprotrans is always working to develop its design methods using 3D-tools and processes for automatic drawing of linear structures. In 2015, the company developed a master-plan projects design process using 3D design software such as AutoCAD Civil 3D, Robur and GeoniCS. This process has proved a success in various projects. Moreover, an additional module has been created for Autodesk Vault Professional, which optimizes concerted efforts of different specialists working on a consolidated utilities plan.

Said unique process solutions have been applied in multiple projects. Such projects include:

  • Construction of Phase 2 of the Frunzensky Radius from Mezhdunarodnaya station to Yuzhnaya station (Shushary). Yuzhnoye electric engine house;
  • Comprehensive reconstruction of the Mga — Gatchina — Veimarn — Ivangorod section and the railway approaches to the ports on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. Luzhskaya-Sortirovochnaya station (marshalling yard);
  • Construction of technical passenger station Khovrino;
  • Reconstruction of Mogocha station of the Trans-Baikal Railway;
  • Mga — Sonkovo — Dmitrov, construction of second tracks to increase the capacity of the railway section.