Razmanov Vladimir Valerievich

Born on September 13, 1974 in the village of Mezhozh, Ust-Vymsky District, Komi Republic. In 2000 graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Railway Engineering with a degree in Railway Construction, Track and Track Facilities. In 2011 received a second degree in economics from the North-Western Academy of Public Administration.

After serving in the army in 1993–1994, Vladimir Valeryevich got a job at the railway and went through a difficult path from a track fitter to the head of the Directorate. In 2020 he was transferred to Lengiprotrans JSC to the position of Deputy head of the Engineering geology department. Since 2022 he has been the Deputy General Director for Organization of Surveys.

Vladimir Valeryevich's contribution to the development of the country's transport industry has been recognized with departmental and corporate awards:: 

  • Personal watch of the head of the October Railway (2007);
  • Gratitude of the President of Russian Railways (2009);
  • Certificate of honor of the head of the October Directorate of Infrastructure (2015);
  • Personal watch of the head of the October Directorate of Infrastructure (2016);
  • Gratitude of the Governor of the Leningrad Region (2017);
  • Gratitude of the Central Directorate of Infrastructure – Russian Railways branch (2018);
  • Badge “For conscientious work. October Directorate of Infrastructure" (2020).