Completed projects

projects completed

Site surveys for construction involve comprehensive investigations of natural environment of an area and/or a construction site.

Specialists of JSC Lengiprotrans design transport development master-plans, which includes activities associated with placement of all railway infrastructure facilities in accordance with the process solutions adopted. The design work includes environmental impact assessment and development of recommendations on environmental protection.

The page shows the objects of the selected type, the design of which was performed in the selected period
  • 2010 — 2019
Реконструкция транспортной развязки на станции Пяэскюла
Pääsküla is a railway station on the Keila - Tallinn line of the Estonian Railways. In 2010 Lengiprotrans took part in design work for the reconstruction of a traffic intersection at Pääsküla...
  • 2000 — 2009
Станция стыкования токов Свирь
Svir is a docking station for direct and alternating current of the Oktyabrskaya railway. Lengiprotrans has developed a project for the station as part of the electrification of the Volkhovstroy...
  • 2000 — 2009
Электрификация участков Санкт-Петербургского железнодорожного узла
In the early 2000s, Lengiprotrans developed a project for the reconstruction of the St. Petersburg railway junction with electrification and the development of intra-nodal lines. The extension...
  • 2000 — 2009
Электрификация соединительных линий Санкт-Петербургского железнодорожного узла
In the early 2000s, Lengiprotrans developed a project for the electrification of intra-nodal connecting lines of the Saint-Petersburg railway hub in order to ensure the passage of routes to the...
  • 2000 — 2009
Электрификация участка Свирь — Идель
In the 1990s, the electrification of railway tracks in the North-West of Russia was widely developed, in which Lengiprotrans took an active part. At the final stage of the electrification of the...
  • 1990 — 1999
  • 2000 — 2009
Электрификация участка Луга — Псков
The Luga - Pskov railway line is a section of the Warsaw direction of the Oktyabrskaya railway, passing through the Leningrad and Pskov regions. The project of dispatching centralization of the...