Department of Hubs and Stations

In December 2020, JSC Lengiprotrans completed the development of pre-design documentation for the Shongui Yard.

For the first time, Lengiprotrans began to consider the development of railway approaches to the port of Ust-Luga in 1992, when it took part in the development of the General Scheme for the development of seaports on the shores of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea.

The impetus for large-scale construction was the active development of the port to increase the cargo turnover to 180 million tons, of which 118 million tons were planned to be delivered by rail.

В конце 1990-х — начале 2000-х годов «Ленгипротранс» осуществлял проектирование железнодорожных подходов к морскому порту Высоцк. Одним из основных объектов стала соединительная ветка Высоцк — Нефтяная с электрификацией. Это было обусловлено необходимостью транспортировки нефтепродуктов на морской терминал, предназначенный для перевалки 10,75 млн тонн нефтепродуктов в год.

In the late 1990s - early 2000s, Lengiprotrans designed railway approaches to the Vysotsk seaport. A project was developed for railway transport of the terminal for reloading liquid ammonia and methanol. This was due to the need to transport oil products to the sea terminal, designed to transship 10.75 million tons of oil products per year.

Khovrino is a junction railway station on the main line of the Oktyabrskaya railway.

The project was implemented as part of the program for the development of transport and logistics centers (TLC) for the period until 2020, which provides for the closure of a number of freight yards and the reconstruction of existing ones with subsequent creation. TLC in their place. The program is designed to create the most convenient conditions for the redistribution of goods for urban needs.

The design work at the facility consisted of two stages:

The construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM) can rightfully be called a significant achievement of transport construction at the end of the 20th century. The specialists of Lengiprotrans were engaged in the design of BAM sections in different periods: Komsomolsk — Sovetskaya Gavan in the 1940s, Chara — Tynda in 1967–1984.

Ekibastuz is a large industrial and transport center in the Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan. In 1954, the first coal mine of the Irtyshugol trust with a capacity of 3 million tons of coal per year was launched here.

The project of the external railway transport of the Ekibastuz trust "Irtyshugol" was developed by "Lengiprotrans" in 1956-1970.

Privodino is a railway station of the Northern Railway in the Kotlassky District of the Arkhangelsk Region. In December 2004, an oil loading complex was built at the station.

Under the Lengiprotans project, the Privodino station was reconstructed to organize a railway loading station with a cargo turnover of 4 million tons of oil per year. Additional tracks were laid to ensure the reception of empty tanks, their supply to the railway tracks of the loading rack, the delivery of loaded tanks from the rack and their dispatch to the external railway network.

The Ust-Luga Commercial Sea Port is located in the Leningrad Region, in the Luga Bay of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea. The construction of the port began in the 1990s with the aim of creating powerful, high-performance complexes for transshipment of bulk cargo (coal, mineral fertilizers) to large-tonnage vessels with a carrying capacity of over 30 thousand tons.

Lengiprotrans designed a pre-port station and access railway lines to the new port in Luga Bay.

Syzran is a large junction station of the Kuibyshev railway in the city of the same name in the Samara region. Docking of direct and alternating current types is performed at the station.

The project for the reconstruction of the station was developed by Lengiprotrans within the framework of the title Electrification of the Syzran - Sennaya section of the Kuibyshevskaya and Privolzhskaya railways. with the construction of the second main track. Electrical interlocking was designed at the station.