Reconstruction of Khovrino station

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Станция Ховрино

Khovrino is a junction railway station on the main line of the Oktyabrskaya railway.

The project was implemented as part of the program for the development of transport and logistics centers (TLC) for the period until 2020, which provides for the closure of a number of freight yards and the reconstruction of existing ones with subsequent creation. TLC in their place. The program is designed to create the most convenient conditions for the redistribution of goods for urban needs.

The design work at the facility consisted of two stages:
1. “Construction of a passenger technical station (PTS) Khovrino. Stage 1 "
2. “Reconstruction of Art. Khovrino, October development of railway infrastructure (track). "

The Institute completed the development of "Basic design solutions", including a full range of engineering surveys in the station's right-of-way, calculated the perspective dimensions of the movement of intercity and suburban passenger trains, freight trains at the Khovrino station, and developed the technical part of the design documentation.

The need to build a passenger technical station and to reconstruct the infrastructure of the Khovrino station is due to the following reasons:
• Construction of the Khovrino TLC as part of the TLC network being built as part of the Moscow transport hub development program. Allocation of tracks VI and VIII of the park of the Khovrino station for the TLC under construction and the technology of its operation have created a shortage of tracks for parking passenger trains. It also required the relocation of the existing infrastructure of the Khovrino station, which is included in the construction zone of the Khovrino TLC;
• the need to exclude stops of passenger trains at stations of the Moscow - Kryukovo section, which will reduce non-production costs for rearranging trains from Moscow to stations on the section;
• The need to organize a centralized full service, equip cars and store trains using modern technologies.

The development of PTS "Khovrino" in full will create an efficient and highly efficient structure for the processing and preparation of passenger trains, equipped with modern equipment. As a result - ensuring the safety and comfort of rail passenger transportation.