Completed projects

projects completed

Site surveys for construction involve comprehensive investigations of natural environment of an area and/or a construction site.

Specialists of JSC Lengiprotrans design transport development master-plans, which includes activities associated with placement of all railway infrastructure facilities in accordance with the process solutions adopted. The design work includes environmental impact assessment and development of recommendations on environmental protection.

The page shows the objects of the selected type, the design of which was performed in the selected period
  • 1960 — 1969
  • 1970 — 1979
Автомобильные дороги в Ленинградской области
In the 1960s – 1970s, Lengiprotrans prepared projects for highways in the Leningrad Region by order of the USSR Ministry of Agriculture. A major overhaul of the existing roads was planned with...
  • 1960 — 1969
Участок автомагистрали Зашеек — Мурманск
The Leningrad - Petrozavodsk - Murmansk highway is one of the northernmost federal highways in Russia. It partially lies beyond the Arctic Circle and goes to the border with Norway. The road...
  • 1960 — 1969
Кавказская перевальная автодорога
The Transcaucasian Highway is a federal highway linking Russia with the Transcaucasus and, in particular, with the Republic of South Ossetia. The decision to build it was made in 1958 by the USSR...
  • 1950 — 1959
Автодорога Кызыл — Мажалык (Актоврак) — Абаза
In 1950-1960s Lengiprotrans designed the Kyzyl - Mazhalyk (Aktovrak) - Abaza highway. The road has republican significance and passes through the territory of Khakassia and Tuva. The...
  • 1980 — 1989
Автомобильная дорога Уренгой — Надым — Советский
In the 1980s, Lengiprotrans designed the Urengoy - Nadym - Sovetsky highway. The road starts from the Urengoyskaya main compressor station (GCS) in the area of ​​the city of Novy Urengoy and ends...
  • 1970 — 1979
Автодорога Костомукша — госграница
In the 1970s, Lengiprotrans took part in the development of the external transport system of the Kostomuksha Mining and Processing Plant (GOK). As part of this, the Kostomuksha highway - the state...