Highway Kyzyl - Majalyk (Aktovrak) - Abaza

Design of the Kyzyl-Abaza highway
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Highway to Aktovrak asbestos plants
Автодорога Кызыл — Мажалык (Актоврак) — Абаза

In 1950-1960s Lengiprotrans designed the Kyzyl - Mazhalyk (Aktovrak) - Abaza highway. The road has republican significance and passes through the territory of Khakassia and Tuva.

The construction of the route made it possible to reduce the distance between the Aktovrak asbestos plant and the western regions of Tuva by more than 400 km.

Field work was carried out in difficult conditions in the area of ​​the road. The route crosses the Sayan ridge with an elevation of more than 2000 m above sea level and passes through narrow winding valleys of watercourses with steep slopes, often turning into sheer cliffs.

On the route, 34 medium and 2 large bridges over mountain rivers and many structures were designed to ensure the stability of the road in places of talus, rock falls, slides and ice.

Lengiprotrans carried out field supervision until the completion of the construction of the facility. The road was put into permanent operation in 1971.