Kostomuksha highway - state border

Project Status: 
Автодорога Костомукша — госграница

In the 1970s, Lengiprotrans took part in the development of the external transport system of the Kostomuksha Mining and Processing Plant (GOK). As part of this, the Kostomuksha highway - the state border was designed. The road was intended to ensure the operation of the GOK and, in particular, the export of products (iron ore pellets) both in the direction of Russia and to the Finnish factories in the Oulu region.

The route starts at 32 km of the existing Ledmozero - Kimasozero road, goes to Kostomuksha GOK, and then to the state border with Finland. Design and survey work was carried out in an uninhabited region of Western Karelia in off-road conditions, continuous forest cover, a large number of lakes and swamps.

The road is designed according to the norms of the III technical category. It was put into operation on time and was used in the construction of the Kostomuksha GOK.