Completed projects

projects completed

Site surveys for construction involve comprehensive investigations of natural environment of an area and/or a construction site.

Specialists of JSC Lengiprotrans design transport development master-plans, which includes activities associated with placement of all railway infrastructure facilities in accordance with the process solutions adopted. The design work includes environmental impact assessment and development of recommendations on environmental protection.

The page shows the objects of the selected type, the design of which was performed in the selected period
  • 1970 — 1979
  • 1980 — 1989
Апатитский железнодорожный узел
The Apatity railway junction is part of the Oktyabrskaya Railway (OZhD) system. It includes 2 structural subdivisions of the Murmansk branch of the Russian Railways - the Apatitskaya track...
  • 1970 — 1979
  • 1980 — 1989
Реконструкция станции Титан
Titan is a railway station on the Apatity - Titan line of the October railway in the Murmansk region. In the period 1970-1989, Lengiprotrans developed a project for the reconstruction of the...
  • 1970 — 1979
  • 1980 — 1989
Новая сортировочная станция в Вильнюсском железнодорожном узле
In 1970-1980, Lengiprotrans carried out design and survey work for the construction of a new marshalling yard in the Vilnius railway junction. Engineering and geological materials were prepared...
  • 1950 — 1959
  • 1980 — 1989
Развитие станции Кокчетав
Kokchetav (now Kokshetau) is a station of the Kazakhstan railway in the Akmola region of Kazakhstan. From here the trains follow in the direction of the stations: Zhanaturmys, Kzyl-Tu, Astana,...
  • 1980 — 1989
  • 1990 — 1999
Сортировочная станция Кошта
Koshta is a sorting station of the Northern Railway in the Cherepovets District of the Vologda Oblast. The project of Koshta station was carried out by Lengiprotrans as part of the...