Station complex "Ladozhsky"

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Вокзальный комплекс «Ладожский»

In the early 2000s, Lengiprotrans took part in the design of the Ladozhsky railway station. It has become the most modern and the only transit station in St. Petersburg. The project was necessary to unload the passenger stations St. Petersburg-Glavny and St. Petersburg-Finlyandsky, the development of which was hampered by territorial conditions.

Back in 1912–1914, the Dacha Dolgorukova railway station was built on the site of the station complex. The station was crossed by a line connecting the Nikolaev and Finland railways. In the 1960s, the idea arose to build a new railway junction and a transit station on the site of the station. Preparations for construction began in the late 1980s, but the project was put on hold due to the economic crisis. In 2001, the Government of St. Petersburg made a decision to build the Ladoga railway station and a new passenger station for the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg.

In the course of work, Lengiprotrans designed passenger and technical stations, a depot for storing passenger trains for long-distance trains, the second main track on the Dolgorukovs' Dacha - Gory section, high passenger platforms, overpasses and bridge crossings. Electrification has been carried out on the railway lines and tracks, the territory of the stations has been landscaped, a sewerage system and a fire-fighting system have been installed.

The Ladozhsky railway station complex uses a unique technology of receiving and dispatching trains, which is carried out inside the structure of the station. The tightness of the site did not allow the building to be erected in the usual way - along the railway tracks. In addition, it was required to carry out construction without interrupting the transit traffic of trains. All these factors led the engineers to the decision to create an innovative structure that combines a railway station-bridge and a railway station-tunnel, instead of the traditional “coastal type” station. The long-distance station rose above the track facilities in the form of a concourse, and the suburban one was located below ground level and was entirely given over to rail and city transport. The three levels of the station complex are vertically connected both functionally - by stairs, ramps, escalators, and visually - by huge light wells.

Long-distance passenger trains of the north-eastern directions and suburban trains of the Sosnovsky direction were moved to the station Petersburg-Ladozhsky.

The project of the station complex was awarded the Grand Prix in the nomination "Particularly significant social projects" at the international festival "Zodchestvo 2001" in Moscow.