Development of Kaliningrad-Sortirovochny station

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Развитие станции Калининград-Сортировочный

Kaliningrad-Sortirovochny is a cargo station of the Kaliningrad railway.

The station development project was developed by Lengiprotrans in the 1970-1980s. In the course of the survey, transverse and longitudinal profiles of the station were prepared. The main design work was carried out on electrical interlocking (EC) and track reconstruction of the station.

The institute at the facility was designed:
• combined post of EC and GAC (hump automatic centralization);
• external communication networks and a communication center on duty;
• water supply and sewerage networks;
• track part of Sovetsky Park at the station and removal of networks;
• mechanization of the hump and drainage systems;
• removal of the heating network from the construction of railway tracks in the area of ​​the hump;
• drainage systems from centralized switches of shunting areas;
• energy economy;
• automated compressor station;
• complex of station devices and signaling systems;
• modernization of signaling devices and strengthening of lighting in the foothill park.