Railway line Kizel - Perm

Project Status: 
Single-track railway line on steam locomotive traction with a baton method of intercourse
Железнодорожная линия Кизел — Пермь

The single-track railway line of the Sverdlovsk railway, on a steam-locomotive traction with a baton method, was built according to the project of Lentransproekt (since 1951 - Lengiprotrans) in the direction of Kizel - Perm, bypassing the Chusovskaya station in 1943-1944. The commissioning of the Kizel - Perm section made it possible to reduce the mileage of trains by 82 km, as well as to bypass the difficult railway sections of the Kizel - Chusovskaya - Perm line. The complexity of the Kizel - Chusovskaya section and the Chusovskaya station itself, for example, consisted in the fact that they had limited throughput and low weight norms for freight trains. At the same time, the Kizel - Perm line was of particular importance due to the need for railways in the Kizelovsky coal basin for the transportation of coal.