Railway transport of the Petrolesport terminal

Морской порт «Большой порт Санкт-Петербург»
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Large seaport in the North-West of Russia
Железнодорожный транспорт терминала «Петролеспорт»

Petrolesport is a container terminal on Volny Island in the seaport Big Port of St. Petersburg.

Lengiprotrans has developed a railway transport project for the Petrolesport terminal with the reconstruction of the Novy Port station of the Oktyabrskaya railway. This was due to the increase in container turnover to the new container terminal "Petrolesport".

Novy Port is a port station of the St. Petersburg railway junction. The Institute has designed the modeling of the Novy Port station operation in conjunction with the work of the non-public track "Petrolesport" in order to identify the stages of the station's development.

At the first stage:

• laying of additional turnouts in the central neck of Novy Port station with their inclusion in the EC;
• reorganization of existing communication networks, signaling, power supply and contact network associated with the laying of new ramps;
• construction of a service and technical building for carriages, track fitters and workers of PKO;
• installation of a standby automated diesel power plant with a diesel tank;

At the second stage:

• laying of an additional running track in the “B” park of the Novy Port station, as well as the corresponding reconstruction of the necks;
• equipment of an additional track in the "B" fleet with a contact network;
• equipping an additional track and turnouts with signaling devices with inclusion of the Novy Port station in the existing electrical interlocking.