Port oil depot in the village of Izhevskoye

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Припортовая нефтебаза в поселке Ижевское

The port oil depot in the village of Izhevskoye is located on the northern coast of the Kaliningrad Bay. The terminal accepts, stores and ships oil products by road and rail.

In the 2000s, as part of the construction of the oil depot, Lengiprotrans designed the following facilities:
• water and electricity supply in the port park;
• communication devices: operational and technological communication, two-way park communication;
• fire-fighting installations: automatic alarm in the post of electrical interlocking, water supply, water storage tanks;
• cable communication line on the Baltic Forest - Neftebaza railway section;
• reconstruction of a wooden bridge on the section Post 26 - Baltic Forest;
• sewerage networks and treatment facilities for rainwater treatment.