Park "Juras" in the Ventspils railway junction

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Парк «Юрас» в Вентспилсском железнодорожном узле

In 1997-1998, on the instructions of A / S "Venced", the specialists of Lengiprotrans developed feasibility studies for the construction of Juras Park in the Ventspils railway junction, and in 1999 - the technical design of this park.

In 2000, on the instructions of BMGS-TRANS, the institute developed a technical design for the construction of the New Juras Park Railway Terminal and the Northern Railway Bypass. The design was carried out based on the materials of the topographic survey of 1998-2000 and the engineering-geological survey of the construction site in 1999-2000, as well as on the basis of the previously developed project for the construction of Juras Park, taking into account the technical and operational survey of Ventspils station carried out by Lengiprotrans in 1997 and 2000 years.

The technical design for the construction of the “New Juras Park Railway Terminal and the Northern Railway Bypass” provided for:
• construction of the Juras railway park in Ventspils for servicing the access roads;
• construction of railway connecting lines Juras - Priportovy and Juras - Neftyanaya;
• redevelopment of the Priportovy and Neftyanaya parks in connection with the adjoining of the connecting lines;
• equipping the Juras park with electrical interlocking devices (EC) with the construction of an EC post interlocked with a car maintenance point (PTO);
• equipping Juras Park with a fire extinguishing system for buildings, trains and wagons;
• construction of level crossings.

As part of the technical project, Lengiprotrans prepared and handed over to the contractors an assignment to carry out design work on the removal of engineering networks from the construction zone and environmental protection. The project also contains proposals and requirements for the selection of premises for service and technical buildings, the conditions for placing the equipment in the EC post, the power and performance of the compressors for testing the brakes in Juras Park, the power of the pumps for fire extinguishing and the capacity of the tanks for storing the fire-fighting water supply.

According to calculations, making investments in the development of the Ventspils railway junction was a profitable undertaking. The development of an additional cargo turnover at Ventspils station in the amount of 8.3 million tons per year during the construction of the Juras park made it possible for the Baltic Railway to receive income from $ 28 million in 2003 to $ 60 million in 2005. At the same time, the additional costs of maintaining permanent devices are low.