Reconstruction of the highway at the section from the intersection of Krasniy Znamya Avenue and Nekrasovskaya Street to the Stroitel Stadium in Vladivostok

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Реконструкция магистрали на участке от перекрестка проспекта Красного Знамени и улицы Некрасовской до стадиона «Строитель» во Владивостоке

In the 2000s, Lengiprotrans developed a project for the reconstruction of a city-wide highway of continuous traffic on the section from the intersection of Krasniy Znameni Avenue and Nekrasovskaya Street to the Stroitel stadium in the city of Vladivostok.

The reconstruction was required to increase the capacity of the highway section, eliminate the oversized existing structures and improve the environmental situation in the adjacent residential area.

On the projected site, there were extremely cramped conditions for the implementation of construction and installation work. The construction area is saturated with underground and overground communications. The section of the reconstructed overpass intersects the existing electrified railway tracks of the Vladivostok station junction and the built-up area.

Drilling of wells under the pillars was carried out with high-performance KATO 30 THC-SII rigs. The groups of superstructures are united in several temperature-continuous lashes of the carriageway. Expansion joints of the UBK-100 type have been used, which have a positive operating experience on European highways, due to their ease of installation, tightness and reliability in operation. The cladding of the retaining walls is made of concrete blocks that serve as formwork and meet high architectural requirements for the appearance of structures.