Overpass at the intersection of Pulkovskoye Highway with Dunaysky Avenue

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Путепроводная развязка на пересечении Пулковского шоссе с Дунайским проспектом

The project of the overpass at the intersection of Pulkovskoye Highway with Dunaysky Prospekt in St. Petersburg was carried out as part of the targeted investment program for the construction of facilities for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The overpass is located on Pulkovskoye Highway - the main entrance highway of St. Petersburg and is intended, among other things, to reduce the time of delivery of athletes and groups of fans from Pulkovo airport to the stadium "St. Petersburg" by road. The previously existing intersection of Dunaysky Prospekt with Pulkovskoye Highway at the same level with traffic light regulation constrained the distribution of traffic flows in this area of ​​the city.

In October 2013, Lengiprotrans PJSC entered into an agreement for the development of design and working documentation for the construction of an interchange, in May 2016 the work was completed. The company carried out field supervision until the completion of construction work at the facility. The overpass was put into operation in 2017.

The length of the overpass is more than 1,300 m. At the intersection with Pulkovskoye Highway, the structure consists of 6 traffic lanes (3 lanes in each direction), and at the intersection with Predportovaya Street - 4 lanes (2 lanes in each direction). The object includes 21 exits, 5 underground pedestrian crossings, staircases and platforms for people with limited mobility.

When developing the architectural concept of the project, the importance of Pulkovskoye Highway as the main front entrance to the city and the proximity of the projected interchange to the urban planning ensemble of Victory Square were taken into account. The stone-trimmed steles echo the obelisk in the center of the square, and the shrouds are designed to resemble commemorative ribbons on the wreaths of heroes.

The opening of the overpass took place on April 26, 2017.