Completed projects

projects completed

Site surveys for construction involve comprehensive investigations of natural environment of an area and/or a construction site.

Specialists of JSC Lengiprotrans design transport development master-plans, which includes activities associated with placement of all railway infrastructure facilities in accordance with the process solutions adopted. The design work includes environmental impact assessment and development of recommendations on environmental protection.

The page shows the objects of the selected type, the design of which was performed in the selected period
  • 1980 — 1989
Предпортовая станция для паромной переправы в порту Клайпеда
Klaipeda Port is the northernmost ice-free port on the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea in Lithuania. In the 1980s, Lengiprotrans developed a ferry crossing in the port, which significantly...
  • 1980 — 1989
Станция Рига-Пречу II
Riga-Precu II is a railway station on the Riga-Ergli line in Latvia. Here, work is carried out with freight trains and long-term storage wagons. In Soviet times, the station was equipped to...
  • 1980 — 1989
Подъездной путь к сооружениям Экибастузской ГРЭС
The fuel and energy complex is located here, including the large thermal power plant Ekibastuzskaya GRES. In the 1970s – 1980s, Lengiprotrans developed a project for an access railway to the...
  • 1980 — 1989
Паромное сообщение Клайпеда — Мукран
The ferry service Klaipeda - Mukran (now Sassnitz) connected the ports of the USSR and the GDR through the Baltic Sea. In the USSR, the exchange of goods with the countries of the Council for...
  • 1970 — 1979
  • 1980 — 1989
Генеральная схема железнодорожного узла Таллин
In the 1970s Lengiprotrans developed a draft general layout for the Tallinn railway junction. A feasibility study for the development of the unit was prepared. 
  • 1970 — 1979
  • 1980 — 1989
Станция Целиноград
During the Soviet period, Lengiprotrans took an active part in the design of new railway lines for the development of virgin lands in the Kazakh SSR. In the 1970s, the institute developed a...