Latitudinal highway for the development of virgin lands in Kazakhstan

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Железнодорожная линия Камень-на-Оби — Карасук — Иртышское

On September 20, 1954, the Council of Ministers of the USSR adopted Resolution No. 1985 “On the construction of narrow-gauge railway lines in the areas of virgin and fallow lands development”. The design of most of the facilities was entrusted to Lengiprotrans.

As part of this, a normal gauge railway line Irtyshskoe - Karasuk - Kamen-na-Obi was designed, which later became the eastern link of the Central Siberian Railway. The road passed through a flat, treeless area.

In 1954, design, survey and construction work began on the Karasuk - Kamen-na-Obi section. In 1955, the design assignment was approved by the Ministry of Railways (MPS). At the same time, it was decided to extend the line to the Irtyshskoye settlement on the Irtysh River and further to the West. In 1957, a project of the Karasuk - Irtyshskoye section was developed and approved by the Ministry of Railways. The entire line was built on a tight schedule.