Balkhash — Sayak railway line

Design of the Balkhash — Sayak railway line
Project Status: 
The road for the supply of Sayak ore to the Balkhash mining and metallurgical plant
Железнодорожная линия Балхаш — Саяк

Lengiprotrans took an active part in the transport development of the Kazakh SSR, especially during the development of virgin lands and mineral deposits.

Transport links were required to supply Sayak ore to the Balkhash Mining and Metallurgical Combine (now Balkhashtsvetmet), which produced copper, which in 1967 was recognized as the best in the world.

In this regard, a project of the Balkhash — Sayak railway line was developed. In 1962, the choice of the direction of the route was made based on aerial photography materials. In 1963–1964, a design assignment was drawn up. In 1964–1971, the construction of the railway was carried out, and in December 1971 the facility was put into operation.