Murmansk railway station

Вокзал Мурманск

The railway station of the station Murmansk is an important part of the October railway. The building itself was erected in the 50s of the last century on the site where the station that used to burn down during the Great Patriotic War was located before. The station is a three-story structure of light green color, crowned by a spire with a five-pointed star. The project of the new station was carried out by the employees of Lengiprotrans.
The building of the station with a dome was built in 1954. In 1959, using a helicopter, a 15-meter spire with a star was installed. In 1962, two buildings were added, in which a waiting room and a restaurant are now located. The Murmansk railway station was the first in Soviet Russia to be visited by the leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro, during his visit to the USSR in 1963. During the improvised meeting, the guest addressed the meeting with greetings directly at the station.