Ventspils railway junction

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Вентспилсский железнодорожный узел

Ventspils is a large railway junction in Latvia. Here, cargo is transferred from the commercial seaport to the railroad.

In June 1993, the management of the Latvian Railway (LZD) sent an invitation to Lengiprotrans to take part in an international competition for the design of railway facilities in Latvia. The specialists of the Hubs and Stations Department developed the “Ventspils Railway Junction Development Scheme”, which was approved by the Latvian Railway and the Ventspils City Council. In accordance with it, the freight turnover of the railway junction was calculated at 16.9 million tons.

In addition, the scheme was used as the basis for the development of individual construction projects, such as “Development of railway approaches to the Kalia Parka terminal”, “Construction of the Juras railway park and the Northern bypass of the Ventspils railway junction”.