Railway electrification and power supply

  • 1980 — 1989
  • 1990 — 1999
Электрификация участка Беломорск — Сумский Посад
Railway line Belomorsk - Sumskiy Posad - section of the Oktyabrskaya railway. The line runs along the coast of the Onega Bay in the north-east of the Republic of Karelia. The line was...
  • 1980 — 1989
Электрификация участка Кокчетав – Новоишимская
Kokchetav (Kokshetau) - Novoishimskaya - a section of the former Tselinnaya railway. The site was electrified using a 2x25 kV AC system under the Lengiprotrans project in the 1980s.
  • 1980 — 1989
Электрификация участка Кокчетав — Пески Целинные
The electrification of the section Kokchetav (now Kokshetau) - Tselinnye Sands (now Novoishimskaya) was developed by Lengiprotrans in 1983. The site was equipped with a contact network. Within...
  • 1980 — 1989
Электрификация участка Пески-Целинные — Пресногорьковская
Peski-Tselinnye (now Novoishimskaya) - Presnogorkovskaya - a section of the Presnogorkovskaya - Pavlodar line of the Kazakhstan railway. The project for electrification of the site was...
  • 1980 — 1989
Электрификация Норильской железной дороги
The Norilsk Railway is an isolated railway network in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. It is one of the northernmost steel lines in the world. In the 1980s, Lengiprotrans prepared a...
  • 1970 — 1979
  • 1980 — 1989
Тяговая подстанция на станции Скривери
In the 1970s, Lengiprotrans developed a traction substation project at Skriveri station in Latvia. Longitudinal and transverse profiles were prepared, external power supply of the facility was...