Electrification of the section Tosno - Malaya Vishera - Bologoye - Likhoslavl - Klin

Electrification of the Leningrad-Moscow railway
Project Status: 
Railway line connecting two major centers of Russia
Электрификация участка Тосно — Малая Вишера — Бологое — Лихославль — Клин

The Tosno - Malaya Vishera - Bologoye - Likhoslavl - Klin railway line is part of the Oktyabrskaya Railway.

The project for the electrification of the line was developed by Lengiprotrans in the 1960s – 1970s in connection with the need to strengthen power supply devices for high-speed traffic.

For the first time in domestic practice, in the techno-working projects for strengthening the power supply devices of the Moscow - Leningrad highway, a set of technical measures has been developed for power supply devices that ensure the movement of electric trains at speeds up to 200 km / h. The use of the most advanced at that time types of equipment, apparatus and instruments, equipped with modern telemechanics devices, is envisaged.

On the section from Tosno to Klin, at the newly constructed traction substations Pomeranye, Torbino, Poplavenets, Leontyevo, Redkino and Reshetnikov, and at most of the reconstructed traction substations, traction transformers with voltage regulation under load are used, which will allow keeping high voltage on DC buses up to 3750 volts. providing high-speed movement.

On the Likhoslavl - Klin section, the recommendations of the Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Railways were used to equalize the elasticity of the semi-compensated suspension to ensure current collection at speeds up to 200 km / h, which, in comparison with the transition to a compensated suspension, provided significant financial savings.

On the section Malaya Vishera - Bologoye, an individual construction project was developed for the suspension of reinforcing wires on the existing supports of the contact network. In the same project, a structure was developed to install the arresters on the middle of the support, instead of on top of the support.