Electrification of the Pavlovsk - Vyritsa - Poselok section

Project Status: 
Электрификация участка Павловск — Вырица — Поселок

The railway line Pavlovsk - Vyritsa - Poselok is a section of the Vitebsk line of the Oktyabrskaya railway.

The project for the electrification of the Leningrad-Pavlovsk section was developed by Lengiprotrans in 1953. Later, the institute designed the electrification of the Pavlovsk - Vyritsa - Poselok section. The line is electrified with DC voltage of 3 kV.

On the Pavlovsk - Vyritsa section, a coded automatic blocking was used. It reduced the number of wires hanging on the signal lines, and thus made it easier to service the line auto-lock devices on the site.

During this period, the electrification of stations was also carried out, high passenger platforms with cash pavilions were built. The electrification of suburban directions allowed the townspeople to move freely around the Leningrad region.