Electrification of the Leningrad - Pavlovsk section

Project Status: 
Электрификация участка Ленинград — Павловск

The Leningrad-Pavlovsk railway line is a section of the Vitebsk line of the Oktyabrskaya railway. In 1837, the Tsarkoselskaya railway was built here - the first public railway line in Russia.

The line electrification project developed by Lentransproekt (since 1951 - Lengiprotrans) was approved in 1948. In accordance with the Government Decree of May 8, 1951, the following changes were made to the design assignment:

• Construction of one traction substation instead of two near the Kupchino station;
• Construction of an electric depot for 6 km of the line instead of Pavlovsk station;
• Application of supports with double-track consoles.