Electrification of the Cherkezkei - Kapikule railway line in Turkey

Project Status: 
Электрификация железнодорожной линии Черкезкей — Капыкуле в Турции

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Lengiprotrans carried out the electrification of the Cherkezkei - Kapykule railway section in the Republic of Turkey on the border with Bulgaria. It was the last non-electrified section on the line from Ankara to Europe.

The project was developed according to Turkish and international standards. The humid tropical climate created special requirements for technical solutions.

In the course of the work, fundamentally new methods and designs were created that had not previously been used in Russia. For the first time in theory and practice, Russian designers have calculated and prepared measuring strings for the installation of the contact network. After their installation, the necessary measurements were made, which made it possible to build a concept and create a method for calculating measured strings with anchor sections. Also, for the first time, four-span interfaces and horizontal consoles were used.

The projected overhead passages in two oversized and narrow tunnels had no analogues.

Despite the complexity of the facility, the design was carried out in parallel with the construction. The next day after the release, the drawings were submitted for approval, they were examined on the spot within three days, signed and sent to work.

The experience of working in Turkey gave a lot of useful information for the development of the contact network, and not only for Lengiprotrans, but also for the entire railway network. The developed solutions were subsequently used on the high-speed section Moscow - St. Petersburg.