Railway line Ivdel - Ob

Project Status: 
Железнодорожная линия Ивдель — Обь

The Ivdel - Ob railway line (now the Ob region) is the final section of the Sverdlovsk railway. It was intended for the export of wood from large tracts of the Sverdlovsk and Tyumen regions to the Verkhne-Kondinsky timber industry complex and further to the central part of the country.

The route was laid in difficult geotechnical and climatic conditions. The remote taiga region was sparsely populated, there were practically no access roads.

In 1967, tracks were laid to the Sergino station. By 1976, the railway reached the Ob station.

Along the constructed railway line, 9 timber industry enterprises were formed, and with them settlements. In addition to logging, equipment for laying gas pipelines and gas compressor stations was transported along the road.

At the All-Union public review of the quality of construction in 1966-1967, the project of the Ivdel-Ob railway line was awarded a Diploma.