Railway approaches to the port of Sabetta

Design of the railway line Bovanenkovo ​​- Sabetta
Project Status: 
The final link in the exit of the Northern Latitudinal Railway to the Northern Sea Route
Железнодорожные подходы к порту Сабетта

Sabetta is a seaport on the eastern coast of the Yamal Peninsula. It is designed to transport liquefied natural gas and provide year-round navigation along the Northern Sea Route.

The project of railway approaches to the port of Sabetta included the following works.

As part of design and survey work:
• performance of field engineering and geodetic, hydrometeorological and environmental surveys (with completion of work in 2016), engineering and geological surveys (with completion of work on artificial structures in the winter season 2016–2017);
• collection of initial permitting documentation, including technical conditions for joining the port infrastructure, technical conditions for the reorganization of existing engineering communications, if necessary, the formation of assignments for special technical conditions.

As part of the development of project documentation:
• choice of route options, schemes of artificial structures, schemes of separate points;
• development of basic technological and design solutions for a linear facility;
• design of the subgrade and the superstructure of the track in the area of ​​the junction of the railway sidings to the Sabetta station (at 171 km).