Connecting path Shcherbit - Kebir

Design of the Tartus - Latakia railway line
Project Status: 
Transport highway between the Mediterranean ports of Syria
Соединительный путь Щербит — Кебир

For many years Lengiprotrans has been developing the railway network in the Syrian Arab Republic. The main task was to connect the seaports of Tartus and Latakia with the eastern regions of the country for the export of goods. Before the start of these works, Syria had only one railway.

In 1985, during the design of the Tartus-Latakia railway, a project was additionally developed for a connecting track from the Shcherbit junction of the specified line to the Kebir station of the Latakia-Aleppo line. The latter was designed by the institute in the 1960s.

A special feature of road design in Syria was the track gauge of 1435 mm.