Subway escalator repair base in Rybatskoye

База по ремонту эскалаторов метрополитена в Рыбацкое

In the late 1990s, according to the Lengiprotrans project, a base for the repair of escalators of the Petersburg Metro was built in the Rybatskoye industrial zone. Earlier, in the 1950s, the institute designed a car lifting repair base in Avtovo. But with an increase in the number of metro stations, the existing capacities of the united workshops of the escalator service at the Avtovo site ceased to provide the volume of overhaul of escalators.

The new base in Rybatskoye met the needs of the metro in repairing units and manufacturing spare parts for escalators. Designed for 29 major overhauls per year. When designing, modern technologies and equipment were used for that period.