Pedestrian tunnel near the metro station "Kupchino"

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Пешеходный тоннель у станции метро «Купчино»

Kupchino is a station of the Moscow-Petrogradskaya line of the Petersburg metro. A pedestrian tunnel was designed in the area of ​​the Lengiprotransom station.

The project provides for the extension of the northern pedestrian tunnel in the western direction under the reconstructed section of the avenue with the arrangement of additional exits from the tunnel on the western side of the avenue.

The tunnel is a prefabricated monolithic structure on a natural foundation.

The main characteristics of the object:
• the width of the walkway in the cross section - 2x4 m;
• width of two-way exit - 3 m;
• total length of the tunnel - 53.47 m;
• the minimum height of the clear passage is 2.45 m.