Electric depot "Yuzhnoye"

Электродепо «Южное»

Electric depot TCh-7 "Yuzhnoye" - a depot under construction on the Frunzensko-Primorskaya line of the St. Petersburg metro, behind the future station "Shushary". It will be the first metro depot built in St. Petersburg over the past 15 years, and one of the largest in Russia.

Lengiprotrans is the general designer of the Yuzhnoye depot. The project is carried out as part of the second phase of construction of the Frunzensky radius from the Mezhdunarodnaya station to the Yuzhnaya station (Shushary) in accordance with the Resolution of the Government of St. Petersburg "On the Concept of the development of the passenger transport system in St. Petersburg, including the subway and other types of high-speed transport for the period until 2020 "and the Resolution of the Government of St. Petersburg" On the sectoral scheme for the development of the metro in St. Petersburg for 2011–2015 with a perspective until 2025 ".

The construction of the Yuzhnoye depot is necessary for organizing the maintenance of the rolling stock of the Frunzensko-Primorskaya line of the St. Petersburg metro in order to ensure its reliable, uninterrupted and safe operation, namely for maintenance, overnight stays of electric rolling stock and current repairs of cars.

As a result of the project, a multifunctional electric depot complex with an infrastructure of more than 30 buildings and structures for maintenance, repair and storage of rolling stock, as well as personnel service will be built. The total area of ​​the depot territory is 36 hectares.

Main facilities of the depot:
• 2 buildings for settling and repairing trains;
• workshop for painting and drying wagons;
• wheelset turning shop;
• motorcycle and electric locomotive shops;
• warehouse of spare units and others.

It also includes ancillary and service facilities, including an administrative building and a canteen, energy, transport and communications facilities, a complex of facilities for engineering and technical support of the depot.

In 2007 Lengiprotrans developed the Investment Rationale for the Construction of the Frunzensky Radius Extension with the Mezhdunarodnaya Station with the Yuzhnoye depot.

In 2010–2015, design and working documentation was prepared, and positive expert opinions were received.

In 2017, the design documentation was corrected, working documentation for the "Transport Safety" section was developed. Since that time, the author's supervision over the construction has been carried out.