Road overpass through the railway tracks along Dzintaru street

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Автодорожный путепровод через железнодорожные пути по улице Дзинтару

During the Soviet period, Lengiprotrans made a great contribution to the development of transport approaches to seaports in the Baltic States. In the 1970s, the institute designed a road overpass across the railway tracks along Dzintaru street in the Ventspils port area.

Port of Ventspils is the largest transit port on the Baltic Sea. It carries out industrial processing and transshipment of oil, liquid chemical products, coal, timber and other goods.

Five options for the technical design were considered: four options for a road overpass over the railroad tracks and one option for a tunnel type under the railroad. As a result, the overpass was developed according to the 7x33 m scheme with a length of 244 m. The adopted scheme made it possible to pass Dzintara Street under the overpass without changing its existing position.

Due to the predominance of soft soils, all supports are designed on pile foundations. The overpass and approaches are located partially on curved sections, therefore, the project provides for the device of inclined bends on the roadway of approaches and on spans.

Passage gauge on the overpass - 7.5 m widened by 1 m on the curved sections of the overpass. Spans 33 m long are installed on rubber-metal supports.