Reconstruction of the Gorelovsky overpass

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Реконструкция Гореловского путепровода

The Gorelovsky overpass was built in 1949 across the Gatchina railway in the alignment of the Krasnoselsky highway (Gorelovo) and Lenin Avenue (the Skachki stopping point). The movement along it was organized in 2 lanes, there are also 2 narrow sidewalks on consoles. The length of the overpass is 76 m.

Due to the emergency state of the Gorelovsky overpass and the need to expand it, a project for the construction of a new overpass was developed. In particular, this is necessary to ensure the unimpeded movement of transport on the M-11 "Narva" highway in the area of ​​intersection with the railway tracks of the St. Petersburg - Gatchina-Tovarnaya-Baltic Oktyabrskaya railway line.

In 2012, the Company carried out exploration work. In 2014, project documentation was developed. In 2015, she received a positive opinion from the FAU Glavgosexpertiza of Russia.

The design documentation provides for 2 stages of construction:
I. Construction of a new overpass next to the existing one with an incomplete width of 9 m, corresponding to the dimensions on the approaches, which is due to the need to dismantle the existing road overpass and build the second stage of the overpass.
II. Dismantling of the existing overpass, construction of a new structure in its place for a full clearance in width of 12.5 m and widening of the 1st stage overpass to a full size of 12.5 m.

The new overpass will have 6 traffic lanes with a dividing strip. The static bridge crossing scheme is one-span. The length of the structure with approaches is 476.6 m, the length of the overpass is 50.5 m.

From the end of 2017 until the end of construction, Lengiprotrans has been carrying out field supervision. Construction work is scheduled to be completed by August 2019.