The overpass in the alignment of the Alexandrovskaya farm

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Путепровод в створе Александровской Фермы
Путепровод в створе Александровской Фермы
Путепровод в створе Александровской Фермы
Путепровод в створе Александровской Фермы

In the 2000s, Lengiprotrans specialists developed a project for an overpass along Aleksandrovskaya Fermy Avenue through the tracks of the Oktyabrskaya Railway. The old overpass on this site was built back in the Tsarist era at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, and in the late 1990s it was closed due to an emergency condition.

The construction of a new overpass provided a significant increase in traffic flows both between the neighboring Frunzensky and Nevsky districts of the city, and transit traffic flows following the Ring Road.

The overpass has a continuous span with a three-span cable-stayed part. Although cable-stayed bridges are usually built in straight lines, this overpass is located on a curve, with a very small radius of 400 m. Moreover, this is one of the few structures in the world where the cables are located in the center, and not on both sides. The cables with the adjustable end are fixed on the pylons, and with the blind end - on the transverse diaphragms within the dividing strip.

The building harmoniously blended into the architectural appearance of the area. The pylons at the top of the bridge open in a V-shape and culminate in luminous beacons. This symbolizes the location of the bridge between two ancient cemeteries: the Jewish one and the memory of the victims of January 9th.

Main characteristics of the object:
length of the overpass with approaches - 713 m;
span length - 425 m;
pylon height - 68 m;
carriageway width - 16 m.

The grand opening of the overpass took place on August 2, 2008.