Bridge over the river Abakan

Проектирование автомобильной дороги Кызыл — Абаза
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Highway to Aktovrak asbestos plants
Мост через р. Абакан

In 1950-1960s Lengiprotrans designed a bridge over the Abakan River as part of the construction of the Kyzyl - Mazhalyk (Aktovrak) - Abaza highway. The construction of the route made it possible to reduce the distance between the Aktovrak asbestos plant and the western regions of Tuva by more than 400 km.

The bridge was built on the Aktovrak - Abaza section on the territory of the Tyva Republic. The length of the bridge is 245 m.

The Abakan River at the section of the bridge is characterized by high water velocities, which made it difficult to construct the bridge supports. During the construction of the channel supports, the pits were used for pits - this greatly simplified the construction of the foundations of the supports.

The entire road was put into permanent operation in 1971.