Depot of electric locomotives at the station Metallostroy

Design of a multi-unit depot Metallostroy
The largest multi-unit depot in St. Petersburg
Депо электровозов на ст. Металлострой

At the end of the 1990s, Lengiprotrans developed a project for a motor car depot in St. Petersburg, intended for servicing and repairing the ER2T electric trains of the Moscow and Vitebsk directions and high-speed Sokol trains on the St. Petersburg-Moscow line.

The huge depot complex was designed and built in a short time. The work of the entire technological cycle of construction - design, examination, order and supply of equipment, construction and installation work - were carried out practically in parallel.

The total area of ​​the depot territory is 44.3 hectares. More than 50 structures for main and auxiliary purposes have been designed at the facility. All the main buildings are made according to individual projects using new building structures and materials. A road and railway bridges across the Slavyanka River, an overpass and a pedestrian bridge were designed.

At the construction site, modern imported equipment was designed: complete plastic pumping stations with submersible pumps from FLYGT (Sweden) for pumping domestic, rain and drainage water, a well-less installation of plumbing fittings and fire hydrants from HAWLE (Austria).

The following were designed in the depot:
• a washing plant for electric trains of the "Vezumat" company, which carries out washing operations in an automatic mode;
• high-performance wheel-lathe machines for turning wheelsets without rolling out from under the locomotive of the "Hegenscheidt" company;
• automated complex for determining the geometry of wheelsets on the move of the train with automatic data transfer to the computer of the machine for turning wheelsets;
• a set of equipment for the repair of high-speed trains "Sokol", which allows you to replace bogies and other large units of an electric train without uncoupling its cars and lifting them on jacks.

Main economic results of the project:
• improvement of sanitary and hygienic conditions in electric trains;
• saving energy resources, taking into account the construction of a modern automated boiler house operating on gas;
• utilization of heat from ventilation emissions, introduction of an automated system for accounting and control of energy carriers;
• reduction of fresh water consumption and waste water discharge into water bodies through the design of closed water circulation cycles and the creation of treatment facilities;
• creation of a sanitary protection zone in the area of ​​the depot and the village of Petro-Slavyanka, including landscaping, landscaping, resettlement of residential buildings, construction of a noise shield;
• improving the quality of repair and maintenance of ER2T trains;
• creation of a complex of buildings and structures for the maintenance and repair of new generation trains;
• creating comfortable working conditions for workers through the introduction of modern equipment.

Chief Project Engineer Yu.I. Milyukov was awarded the Commemorative Silver Medal for his work and was awarded the title "Honored Builder of the Russian Federation".