Pedestrian bridge at Obukhovo station

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Пешеходный мост на станции Обухово

Obukhovo is a stopping point of the Oktyabrskaya railway, located within the boundaries of St. Petersburg. The bridge crossing connected the Frunzensky and Nevsky districts of the city and provided a safe passage over the railway tracks.

In 2008, according to the Lengiprotrans project, a pedestrian bridge with passenger pavilions was built at the station. The closed passage is equipped with ticket offices, a covered lobby, exits to railway platforms, turnstiles of the automated fare control system (ASKOP) and 4 lifts for people with disabilities. A pedestrian bridge of this type was built in Russia for the first time.

The construction is made using ventilated facades with cassette fastening. Cassettes are made of aluminum, composite. Cellular polycarbonate coatings are used on the staircases to the platforms.

The length of the crossing is 175 m, the width is 6 m.