Bridge crossing over the Vym river

Design of the railway line Chinyavoryk - Timan
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Access railway to the Sredne-Timansky bauxite mine
Мостовой переход через реку Вымь

The bridge over the Vym River was developed by the specialists of Lengiprotrans as part of the construction of the Chinyavoryk - Timan commercial railway. The line was intended to drive up to the Sredne-Timansky mine in order to transport bauxite to the plants in the Urals.

Even before the construction of the railway began, a road was built to approach the deposit. However, due to the absence of a bridge over the Vym River, this did not solve the problem of exporting the estimated volume of ore. Later, it was decided to build a combined road-railway bridge in the alignment of the new railway line.

A total of 4 medium and large bridges have been designed on the Chinyavoryk - Timan access railway line. In September 2002, the entire line was put into operation.